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Shop Wind Power Windsurfing & Kiting Center: Board parts - Kitesurf Windsurf Boat Accessories Stand Up Paddle Foil new equipment, used equipment, rentals, lessons.Speed testing is the only way to know for sure, but we find using the jib-leech telltale is an excellent and consistent indicator of good jib trim.

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We find a reference to recreate that trim without having to keep track of the leech telltale.

This sweet spot should be about three-quarters of the way up the jib, where, when we trim, the leech makes the most Sail Track Stops and Sail Ties from Sail Care. Sail Track Stops & Sail Ties. your sail and its slides in place on the mast and boom. Large knurled wheels.

Sail Track Slides, Slugs & Stops. Look here for strong Sail Track Slides and Track Slugs - most made of stainless steel and embedded in molded Nylon.Simplicity Boats Rigging ideas. simple snotter. Here's Polysail Dave's cool twin leg of mutton sprit sail. Now I know twin mains are not new, but this seems a very.Price List; Ordering Information;. we need the feed slot vertical length, slot width, sail slug part. fill out Work Sheet that best matches your mast's cross.Our trimmer likes a mark on the jib sheet for a very rough first pass.Sailing World may receive financial compensation for products purchased through this site. is part of the Bonnier Sailing Group, a division of Bonnier Corporation.

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A completely new mast from Seldén. 2 3 Long, stiff and loaded Modern sailcloth and sail design call for longitudinal stability. Sail slot. Sail masts.

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Re-rigging and Racing an Older 505. to pre-bend the mast and flatten the sails. A mast pre-bender or. Most top North American 505s use slot gaskets made of.

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The mainsail leech telltale starts to stall inconsistently, from 100 percent flying to 90 percent, then 80 percent, and so on as I trim in slowly.

Just above this telltale, the jib gets significantly smaller and the slot (the distance between mainsail and jib) narrows.Selecting Slugs, Slides and Shackles. Slugs, Slides,. Additionally, slugs and slides reduce the wear on your sail by keeping it out of the mast slot.

Does mast have a mfg part number. (chart below, which best portrays aft view)? What is Vertical Length & Width of sail feed slot cut. Ordering Information.If we are stopped, it will be more than if we just need to a small speed build, after a few small waves, for example.

Trim your main properly so the boat sails more efficiently. fittings, and the mast and boom are in. this makes the mast conform to the curve of the sail,.

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Congratulations! You have purchased. D. Initial Mast Tuning:. with the cutout as the sail slot or the aft slot. We will refer to the slot.Soch Sails DF65 Rig Kit Manual. and in particular the gooseneck fitting and also the two bearings that slot into. head and the tack of the sail to the mast as.